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Description: How can left and progressive teachers of literature, culture, and language engage students in productive discussion, analysis, and critique of today’s political climate? How can we address its predecessors and determinants in ways that spark curiosity? In fast, practice-oriented presentations on effective tactics for teaching about the right and “alt-right,” participants offer ideas, assignments, activities, and readings ready for fellow teachers to adapt, use, and share.

Related Material: For related material, visit www.radicalcaucusmla.org


Heather Steffen, U of California, Santa Barbara


Basuli Deb, Rutgers U, New Brunswick

John Maerhofer, Queens C, City U of New York

Grover C. Furr, Montclair State U

Svetlana Tyutina, California State U, Northridge

Robert Samuels, U of California, Santa Barbara

Jeffrey J. Williams, Carnegie Mellon U

Atia Sattar, U of Southern California