476: Foreign Languages in the STEM Age

12:00 PM–1:15 PM Saturday, Jan 5, 2019

Sheraton Grand - Huron

Session Information

Description: How can programs bridge the “two cultures” divide through environmental humanities initiatives or collaborations with sciences and sustainability studies? Panelists explore the changing landscape of postsecondary language education and propose a variety of curricular responses to the challenge of incorporating the study of languages into the work of students of science.


Charlotte Ann Melin, U of Minnesota, Twin Cities


Elena Margarita Past, Wayne State U

Kate Paesani, U of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Anna Westerstahl Stenport, Georgia Inst. of Tech.

Yevgenya Strakovsky, Georgia Inst. of Tech.

Niko Tracksdorf, U of Rhode Island

Maggie Broner, St. Olaf C